Please assume that I understand the downsides to opiate addiction. In fact I’m here to try to avoid the addiction. I'm looking for facts. I had 30 Percocets (7.5/325) about a week ago. I took 2-3 each night for about 6-7 nights (I spaced them out about an hour in the beginning, but on the last few nights I just popped 2, waited an hour or two, and took another).

I think I'm experiencing withdrawal during the day, because I get heavy nausea around 2:00 each afternoon. But I'm also taking Cymbalta, so the nausea could be from that (although I don't think it is).

(1) could I already be physically addicted to the oxycodone?

(2) could the nausea be a withdrawal symptom, or is it probably something else (in which case I should just flush the rest of the pills and quit cold turkey)?

(3) I have 5 of these pills left, and also about 20 Vicodens (don't know the strength off the top of my head)

I do not want to continue taking opiates. Given my brief experience, and the remaining supply I have, what is the best way to wean so that I experience the least severe withdrawal?

Thank you for any information you can provide.