I have a 13yr old brother that is addiced to (Xanax(for anxiety)) and (Adderall(for ADHD)). I try to make him tell hes docter to ween him off of it because i dont want him being on anymore medicaion. After 5mounths, he is off the Xanax. But now, i think hes steeling my Xanax that i take for my anxiety (im a addict, FYI).

I even think that hes taking my Adderall (for my ADHD). Because i had 26 left in my bottle, and when i came home from school 2days ago, there was 18 left. And the only other person in this house is my aunty, and shes always gone, and is never at the house. And he has hes own Adderall. Why the fuck would he take myn!? Its like, ever sence are dad 3yrs ago, Hes never been the same. He barly even talks to me about anything anymore. unless he needs something, like mouny or a ride somewhere. But thats about it.

And that makes me sad/mad knowing that i cant even trust my own 13yr old little brother. Hes still currently taking hes Adderall like i said. And he is not even tring to get off it like he said that he was going to do. He made a deal with me that that if i dont say anything about him, he will stop taking the all medication. And we both agreed with it.

And its been 1yr now sence then, and he didnt even lower the dosage on the Adderall. I dont know what to do or say. Im telling him he needs to get off it, and all he says is "yeah, yeah. i will next time i go to the docters". But every time he says that, he never does. And its killing me to have to see him go though this at hes age. I mean, hes only 13yrs old! what next!? babys doing crack!? I swear, its like prescription drugs are doing more harm then help! I know they helped alot of peaple, including me. But i mean, goddamn!

... Just, does anyone know what i can do/say to make him and hes life happier? It really does hurt me for him being like this. So does anyone have anything that can be useful for me???
(I already tried asking him to go to rehab clinics, he just said no.)

PLEASE help me help him! I dont know what to do!