Hello everyone. Let me begin by saying that my wife and I are both addicts. Like many,I have been reading the post the past couple of years as a result of my opiate addiction and subsequent detox experiences. This is my second experience with CT detox (wife and I detoxed together first time) and 2nd time was even worse than my first CT detox. I am on day 7 now and feeling much, much better. Like most, it all started with a medical condition (back problem) with my doctor throwing 10 mg/325 mg perc's at me like they were candy. Then he decided that he was going to become a dick and make me virtually beg for future prescription's b/c he was afraid of the drug police. Long story short, I turned to the street and was consuming 80 mg oxy a day in combo with 2 to 3 percs. I can't believe I let it get to this point. I was a Division 1 athlete, MBA, and highly successful in the business world. Never had an addiction until I was 33 years old, b/c of these damn pills. Long story short, I said screw this i'm done and had my first detox. it was pure hell. 22 days later I was feeling great. Then my wife goes into the hospital with severe pain and finds out she has MS AND a torn disct. She gets all kinds of opiates and as a result we start again. Also, once again, we turned to the stree to supplement. I decided, again, screw this b/c I have to be strong and take care of her the rest of her life... not to mention my children. So, I detoxed again and I am on day 7 and starting to feel great again! However, I have a BIG problem. I live in a house with an addict! She is my best friend and soulmate! She is supportive and said that she will never so much as mention when she is going to the dealer to buy pills or the drug store to pick up prescriptions. She said that her quit date is September 1. However, she watched me detox this last week and has scared the holy living shit out of her. She remembers the hell of her first detox and my experience only worsened her fear. I know full well the pills are in the house! How in the hell do I cope with all of that damn temptation!? Please help