... hysterectomy and was prescribed percocet. During this whole procedure, I had difficulties so the pain was unbearable and I ran out of pills and could not get more for 3 more days. So, a "friend" gave me a bag of heroin for the pain and it was instant relief. I was dumb enough to think I could do it one more time. Well, I have very little pain anymore but I am using 5 bags a day now and I feel like a failure and a loser. I was so proud of my 7 years and so was everyone else. My boyfriend nor anyone else has any idea I'm on it so I did some about 3 hours ago and I want this to be it. I stopped methadone 90mg cold turkey 7 years ago and it was hell and last much longer than heroin w/d's but I am so nervous that I will fail. I can get away with saying I have the flu but how can I get through this alone? I have mirapex for restless leg syndrome, does anyone know if that will bring relief??? I do have 2 bags put away if it gets too intense and if he wants to do something... anything physical I guess..but I will not touch them... It's only if he starts to get suspicious..but as I said, I can get away with "the flu" cause we both work at a hospital. I have a whole week off and his is split 2 off and then 2 on and off again on the weekend. Please, is there anything I can do to ease the insomnia and sweats? I can get thru the rest... I appreciate any and all advice