knew he used marijuana and took pills on an occasional basis (so I thought). After taking the relationship further and moving in together I have discovered he is not an occasional user but an addict. Prior to us being together he had a severe cocaine addition that he conquered on his own. He was clean for several years (from the cocaine). About a year ago I caught him in our kitchen snorting cocaine. I was devastated. I kicked him out for almost a month. He managed to sweet talk his way back into our home and from there it has been a steady downfall. I do not think he is using cocaine but what I do know is he is addicted to pills. What pills I am not exactly sure, it is either percocets or oxycontin. Either way I am concerned. When confronted about it he get very defensive. He will NOT admit anything. Yet I have seen text messages to and from random people (that he has disguised in his phone as brothers) asking about "bigs" and random numbers. He will often say he is going somewhere but I will find out he doesn't go where he say. I have noticed his pupils to be rather small, and in the evening he often nods off or his eyes look very heavy. Sometimes he will say "I use to have a problem" or "I slip up sometimes" but I ask him about it on an occasional basis and he always denies using. Our sex life has diminished, it almost seems like he has no sex drive. When we do have sex if he is under the influence of a pill I can often tell because the sessions will usually end because we get tired because he will just go forever. When not under the influence the time is no where near as long. He often calls me names and says I am crazy when I question him about it. He lies all the time, and he says he can conquer his own problems. Tonight he went to the bathroom and I heard what sounded like a credit card on the kitchen sink, as if he was breaking up the pill to snort. When questioned he completely went off on me and said he can't stand me anymore. I know I am not overreacting. This drug addiction is ruining our relationship and I do not know how to get him to admit his problem? Do I continue going on every day just hoping one day he will see the problem, or should I just leave? I love him dearly. If you have any insight on what pills he may be using or how I should handle this please help! Thank you.