I was taking Savella for my fibromyalgia and it worked wonderfully for the pain. However, the side effects kept getting more extreme instead of better. I am a newlywed since July, and the extreme PMS symptoms were not helping my marriage. Things became unbearable! I was having terrible hot flashes with drops of sweat falling from my face and people at work asking if I was crying. My hair would be soaked and I would be nauseated! I was so irritable that I started to not even like myself! And I would start my period about every 4 days, really bad, for a day, then it would stop, even though I was on birth control pills. And i didnt want my poor husband to touch me! I constantly ate, ate, ate, and have gained at least 10 or more lbs! I am now completely weaned off the Savella and had forgotten how badly the fibro can hurt. Until the last few days... ugh! I have a doc appointment in 2 days but have to work tomorrow. It is my 2nd job that really don't want to mess up since I am hoping to be hired fulltime. However, I may not be able to work tomorrow because I have started hurting pretty badly early this afternoon and just not too much better. Any short term or long term suggestions? I would soooo greatly appreciate it!