Hi. Ive been seeing a horrible Phsyciatrist for the past 3 years. I cannot switch b/c I don't have ins. and use the net for my main source of resource in finding out about meds my dr. prescribes me. I'm on 20mg of adderall once in the a.m. for ADD/ADHD, and to have energy during the day, otherwise I will pass out during the day. I'm on Lexapro- 20mg once daily for MDD. Over about the past month I've been experiencing alot of anxiety. I have an estranged relationship w/ my mom and we've been talking lately and then my husband has been dealing w/ alot of issues w/ his health. I'm a stay at home mom and I just sob when everyone leaves in the a.m. and then I'm overwhelmed w/ anxiety when the kids get home from school. ugh. So, the dr prescribed me 15mg of Buspar 2x daily. Since taking it, my vision is blurred, my head feels really weird- don't know how to describe it, but I think it's helping w/ anxiety but I feel more social anxiety than I did prior to taking it. I find myself avoiding almost all situations that deal w/ ppl. Even situations w/ my husband and children. I just want to be normal again. :( I'm sad and anxious about these new meds. Does anyone have any advice for me or know what meds are best for anxiety and depression?

Thanks :)