Many of u no me here this question is regarding my husband who thank god is going on the methadone program he is a opiod addict for 14 yrs suboxone did notqb work god for him he continued to use n abuse so methadones his last resort anyway he's done every drug in the book n last night he took a 10 mg zyprexa I wanted to find out if the zyprexa will stop the acid from working? He took the 10 mg zyprexa last nite at 2am he already has the acid n is going 2 do it within the next 5 days I would rather him do it 2nite so this way its gone n out of the house bc like I said either way since he has it he is going to take it so just need some advice he just signed up 4 the methadone clinic I'm so so proud of him for that he has already had to stop taking xanax and he just stopped drinking yesterday which was so hard 4 him but the only! Thing u can do on methadone is acid its the onlyy drug they don't test 4. He is strugling badly! 2day n I need 2 no if he can take the acid will it work even tho he took 1 zyprexa last night? He only has 3 more days 2 go be4 he gets tyhe methadone and I feel like he isn't gona make it till then that's why I'm asking? Will the acid work even tho he took the zyprexa? Please please answer this soon been crying for him all day thanks in advance) love jenn