I am currently receiving meds from a Pain mangement DR for chronic back pain (coming up on 4 years). Friday the 13th i was in a horrible car accident and went to the hospital. of course, my luck, the er was overcrowded so i was sent to the "express care'' part of the hospital. the bones in my foot were crushed. i needed four stitches, and have a t-ll fracture on top of my chronic lower back ( i didn't get IV, fluids, or blood draw- nada). The only thing i received for pain was "toradol" (NSAID), and of course he couldnt write any more pain meds because I am a pain management patient. I was told to continue my normal meds (which i have been on the same kind and strength for over two years). Unhappy with this and the fact that my current doctor wouldn't or couldnt bring me in two days early, coupled with the fact that his "office" didnt even have a wheelchair (when I finally got in to see him), and doesn't take auto insurance; I was curious: If I go to see a new doctor who is equipped to handle auto insurance, car accident therapy, and pain meds, how long can I see this other doctor since it would technically be for different condition(s)? If I am happy with him and his regiment, what is the next step if i decide to fill his prescriptions? i am in FL so I would appreciate someone that knows about the system here, but any info would be greatly appreciated. Can I fill the meds to see if they even work on me before I decide to leave the pain center I am currently at? Here, it is so difficult to get into drs these days- the going rate to see a pm dr is $350.00; and with the new "linked" up systems, I am worried about everything. This new law is ridiculous and dangerous for honest people like me. I will be writing a letter to Rick Scott. I urge you all to do the same.