I have been taking alprazolam since may 2007 as have been having panic attacks since I was 16yrs... old..I am 45 now. I have always dealt with my anxiety on my own until this dr gave me alprazolam back in 2007 and started me out on 0.5 mg a day! I was so happy back then as it stopped my panic attacks..fast heart beat, passing out, muscle spasms, shacking. feeling like I was going to die..and I know you can all relate to these horrible feelings!! anyway I did have to start increasing my dose to 1 and half mg sometimes 2 mg a day as was going through a lot of stress in my life so was told to increase my dose. A few months ago I started to get real bad went to my dr and she said we will take you off the alprazolam but will have to give you clonazepam! she started me off on 2mg in the morning and 2mg at night but this was way to strong for me so she lowered it to 1mg twice a day..I ended up getting down to 0.5mg of the alprazolam but the clonazepam were making me too sleepy..was almost falling asleep at work and was having horrible withdrawals from the alprazolam so cut back n the clonazepam to 0.5mg twice a day but they were not helping me at all so the dr told me to come off the clonazepam and just back to the alprazolam?? so I did then I had bad withdrawals from the clonazepam! by this time I was at my wits end and was worse off than before!! I am back to 1.5mg to 2mg of the alprazolam a day now but I really think my body has built a tolerence as am having withdrawals when the alprazolam wears off... I want off this med so bad but am scared of seizers or getting worse, please help if anyone can give me some adive in how to get of these completely as don't want to have to get on another med and go through this all ove again. I'm wondering if I can do this on my own slowly or would I be able to go into a rehab to get of them... PLEASE HELP!!!