It's sort of a long story but I will do my best to explain it all. I have been feeling achy and fatigued for many years and I have been seen by several doctors who have never really given it much consideration so I figured it must just be who I am as a person. I also have gynecological issues as well that have been progressively getting worse since the birth of my daughter 9 years ago. So last May I developed a fever, low-grade but always there, however I was not sick in the sneezing coughing sense. So my gyn doctor told me it was probably a mild infection of my uterus and that it would resolve with the surgery that I was scheduled to have in July. So at the beginning of July I went in for my much anticipated hysterectomy. Everything went well and I was home in one day for recovery. I had very low blood pressure after the surgery and for about a week at home but they told my my hemocrit levels looked okay and it was probably my bodies response to the shock of surgery. I also still had the notorious low-grade fever that had been plaguing me for months along with aching all over, stiffness, and swollen lymph nodes. So my gyn ran a urine culture and some hormone tests and a tsh, all of which came back okay. She then referred me to my regular gp here in Cheyenne for further care. So I went in and he seemed semi concerned and ran some labs, cbc, ana, chem panel, arthritis, lupus, etc ( I can't remember them all but it seemed pretty thorough). He also during this visit diagnosed me with ibs. When my tests results came back they found nothing to explain the fever however they did find that I was severely deficient in folic acid, and my vitamin d and b12 levels were also running low. So he put me on some prescription vitamins and 4 mega doses of vitamin d, which I have since finished taking. So he sent me home and told me to come back if I was still feeling bad. So about 2 weeks later I had another outbreak of very swollen and painful lymph nodes on the left side back of my neck just behind my ear and still the same fever. So I went back in to see him and he said that he would run some blood cultures. So we did that and a week later I got a call telling me that everything was fine with them. So he just dismissed it as an unexplained fever. Since then I have been getting body aches that feel exactly like they do when you have the flu, except I don't have the flu. It is excruciating, my whole body aches and trying to sit through a day of work feeling that pain has almost been enough to make me lose my mind. Along with the aches I still have my fever which has been continuous going on over 6 months. Two days ago I once again woke up with very swollen and very painful lymph nodes in the exact same spot as before except this time they are so much more painful I can barely handle it. I feel like I am at my wit's end. I get chronic headaches and rarely go a day without one. I feel weak and have no energy, I seem to tire out easily from tasks that never bothered me before, I wake up countless times at night and when I do sleep all the way through I never wake up feeling like I've slept. I am always tired even if I've slept for 12 hours straight. I feel depressed and frustrated and I don't understand what could be wrong with me. I would assume that maybe I'm dying except that my labs all came back okay. I am just looking for anything that may shed some light on what's happening to me and even possibly get some sort of relief from this nightmare. I think at this point I need to see a specialist. Does anyone have any type of recommendation for what type of specialist I should see?