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Please check your vitamin d levels...Low levels are found to cause hives in some people... Cured me?

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Inactive 6 Nov 2011

Thank you for the heads up alex b. I know low levels of vit d can cause a range of problems.
Again, thank you!!

Inactive 6 Nov 2011

You are right. With all the warnings about skin cancer from the sun, people are not getting enough Vit D, & should take a supplement. It is a very important vitadmin for making bonew grow & protecting them from fractures. ...

litlmommag 7 Nov 2011

I have a vit d deficiency also at vit b12 which I have heard from 2 of my drs is not that uncommon any more my g.dr said 1/2 the people who come in his office has a b12 12 deficiecy. And my neuro says it has irrevisable prob. So if you get d checked have b12 to. Cause a b12 defiency can't be fixed by vitamins in pill form. Have a good night free discount card

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