I started off haveing severe pain in stomach after glabladder open surgery because of adhesion wrapped around my organs ok been 5 months and surgeon different one says there back said the severe infection I devolp after the surgey cause adhesion to agreeively grow form back it does feel like when move or even eat feel my stomach starting to lock up pull together and each day gets little worse ok this surgeon said that he might get surgeon at emory hospital suppossed to be one best hospital and have some best train specialist in country the first surgeon just open me up with a 15 inch cut not 15 staples but 15 inch incision like 27 staples did not use no medication barrier and after all adhesion reason why haveing do surgery first place so think he would have for sure use something that help for them not to form back after all adhesion is caused by surgery in first place been told this surgeon can still remove adhesion with laparscopy just take few hours the first dr was not about to give me that amount time it was not in his finical benifit to do so he would have got behind or even lost a few procdure he had set up same day anybody got any advice on this subject to help in my decision as it been very diffulct to go threw this in pain 5 months now lost 50 pounds in 3 months after the open glabladder surgery he also cut my vagus nerve during surgery about this medication it seem to help the gramps alot makes me some swimey headed wondering about the dosage I takeing 60 mg day and afraid that the adhesion could be wrapped around my colon organs causeing them to be starved of the ability to function properly any advice any suggestion on what I do what I try if think it might be serious if think I need to be seen right away in case of pulling on organs to point of them not able to work 100 percent thanks I appericate this so much and please for give my grama and spelling as I going back school if get over this.