I have taken Wellbutrin for years for my depression and it worked wonderfully for me. About two years ago I started to feel more and more depressed. After talking to my doctor she raised the dose, but it didn't help. I started to have uncontrollable crying spells, felt completely hopeless and after several months of hiding from my family how much I wanted to just be dead I finally couldn't hang on any longer and I actually prepared everything to do it. Then in my last desperation I did some search on Wellbutrin and found that it might cause suicidal thoughts. So I got whatever was left of my self together and gave it a try: weaned myself off of Wellbutrin gradually within two weeks. I could not believe what happened! I felt like I was a different person! Like a deep, heavy, dark fog of desperation was lifted off of me. I wanted to live again, I didn't feel hopeless, I was able to feel happy for the same circumstances I felt so desperate and hopeless about before. I couldn’t believe my doctor haven’t thought of this. I just want everyone to know that it is NOT ONLY YOUNG ADULTS, and NOT ONLY AT THE BEGINNING of the administration of the medication when this effect can occur. I really don't know what caused it with me but I live without any antidepressants now for the first time in my life after taking them for a good 20 years (Wellbutrin for the last 6 or so) and I feel great! Maybe it's my own hormonal changes: I'm pre-menopausal. … But I almost ended up DEAD. And since I don’t take anything else it was clearly the Wellbutrin.