Please somebody help me out there. Ok here is my story: I've been doing vicodins and perocets on and off for about a year now. I have never been addicted because I never really abused them and would only use for a couple days then not use for about a month. So I never had any problems withdrawing or never even knew that you could withdrawal from prescription pain killers. Big mistake there. I wish I would have known. Back in the end of august this year I could no longer get any percosets and was really wanting them. The guy who usually got them for me had this $70 pill, which was a 40mg opana. At first I thought he was insane charging that much. But I wanted something so badly that I just bought it anyways. Well that went on for about 3 weeks of doing it everyday until he ran out and I couldn't get them anymore. That was when I finally learned what withdrawal really was all about. I felt horrible for five days. The last time I did them that week was Sunday afternoon and I didn't feel better until Friday afternoon, which just so happened to be the day he got more. My mistake was getting more, I should have stopped then but I made the idiotic decision to get more. Well all in all it's now the end of December and I am on about a 30 mg a day habit up my nose. I really do nit enjoy it anymore and REALLY want to quit. I also cannot afford it anymore and have no money saved up thanks to this devil drug. I have the last bit left right now and plan on finishing it up tonight, and I plan to get clean starting tomorrow. This leads me to the question I have to ask: I have two 8mg suboxone in my possession and do not want to go into a program, so that is it. I don't believe that my addiction has gotten too bad and it hasn't been that long that I have been on them, and I cannot have my parents find out I've been doing this, so I want to try and use these subs so it lasts me until I can stop them and have had no withdrawal. How should I take them? A quarter everyday until I'm out of them? Would that be my best option? Or should I do a whole one tomorrow, a half the next day and a quarter the day after then a half a quarter the day after that then the rest of it the last day. Or does anyone have any better suggestions? Please don't suggest that I go see a doctor or anything like that because I would rather do this cold turkey then to go and see a doctor or therapist. I thank anyone that is willing to help and please let me know as soon as possible!! For I plan on starting this tomorrow as soon as I am in moderate withdrawal. Thanks again!