1. Benzodiazepines produce their actions by enhancing the effects of this neurotransmitter:

a. acetylcholine
b. dopamine
c. adrenaline
d. serotonin
e. gamma amino butyric acid

2 .All antipsychotic drugs share the following effect:

a. blockade of dopamine receptors
b. stimulation of dopamine receptors
c. inhibition of dopamine uptake
d. inhibition of dopamine metabolism
e. inhibition of dopamine synthesis.
3 .Which of the following statements about aspirin is/are correct?

i. it is a selective COXZ inhibitor
ii. it potentiates the effect of warfarin
iii. it relieves moderate to severe pain
iv. it decreases gastric mucus secretion

a. 1 & 2only
b. 1 & 3only
c. 2 & 3 only
d. 2 & 4 only
e. 2 only