I went for my monthly medidations, "Kadian 60 mg 3Xa day,, without even asking, I told my regular Dr. that the Kadian wasn't helping like is wa in the ;ast, so she upgraded the "Kadian" to the 60mg. I wa so elated. I continued to get my Valium 10mg twice daily, and my Percocet 7.5/325 four times a day for greak through pain, also my Zoloft 250mg three times a day.
My primary Dr. had a family emergency and was going to ge gone for at least two weeks or more. so I was given the "on call dr and he refused to write my script for the "Valium", and I sometimes get Xanax which he also refused to write a script for. He just cut me off cold turkery, and I'm suffering something terrible, I've called everyone and anyone who would listen! I have gotten nowhere, I am suffering something awful, where can I get some medicaion or from somewhere reputable? Please help, I don't know what to do, and I am suffering without this medication I am open to any any suggestions. Bless you all, and thanks for listening. midwstma