I was told that after a year I might could go off of it... I have another couple of places that were 40% and 65% blocked but I am on a beta-blocker, an ace inhibitor, a fluid pill, high chol. med., along with the plavix and Ecotrin. I have noticed that I have lots of bruises and recently I have started to have nose bleeds. They last about 15 to 25 min. and globs of blood will pour out of my nose. I have had 6 in the last 2 months... prior to being put on the Plavix I had never had a nosebleed. They also diagnosed me as having CHF... due to my heart function being between 24% and 27% when I was in the hospital in May. They said I had a heart attack however I never had any pain. I just started not being able to breathe normally and after several days I wound up in ER. In November I had another test to check my heart function and it was at 53% which the doctors did not expect. That is normal. They still say I have CHF... will they ever say I am okay or will they always say I have it? I am 43 and always been in great health other than this event. Has anyone else out there who has gone through this able to give me some insight as to what I can look forward to. Thanks for any info that may be available.