My fiancé and I are sexually active. 90% of the time we use a condom. A week or two ago we did not use one. He pulled out before he came but I took a PlanB pill the next day just to be safe. 2 months ago(October) I started my period on the 4th. Last month(November) I started a couple days after the 4th. But today is the 5th of December and like I said, I took the PlanB a week or 2 ago. Well, I haven't tarted yet. But I am experiencing the same miserable period cramps, back pain, and bloating as usual. But still no period. I know that PlanB will throw your cycle off a bit. But I guess my question is; should I be worried? Or will I expect to see my period in the next couple days? I know stress can screw up the cycle as well, and I have a very busy/stressful life. And please, no comments about birthcontrol. Yes I should take it.. But I don't have health insurance anymore. But I will eventually make my way to the pharmacy and start paying 30$ a month for my Nortrill777 again.