(I have to go into detail for anyone to give me an accurate answer, so i apologize) Im 19 years old, female. A few days ago i was giving my partner oral sex and he ejaculated (no where near my vagina) after a few minutes after ejaculating he was still hard so he decided to rub his penis around my vagina. Then, he slipped it in halfway only once, then he stopped. We both realize that it was stupid to do this without protection, so after we realized the risk we just took, 14 hours later I decided to take Plan B (that was the soonest i could get it). I realize that pre ejaculation still has some sperm in it, and i realize that after ejaculation 2% of the sperm is still present. I am not on birth control and my period is due in 14 days. I took Plan B, but should i still be worried about being pregnant? its been a day since taking it and my stomach kind of cramps as if i were on my period please help