Hey guys, I had unprotected sex on Thursday the 13th around 1pm. I always get scared after I have sex with protection or not. Because I'm really afraid of getting pregnant. So I asked my boyfriend if he "came" in me and he said no. He "came" on my stomach so I kinda believe him. But I heard that even pre cum can get you pregnant sometimes and well you know you can't always trust what they say. I was not fertile or ovulating during that day nor until now (Sunday the 16th 12:30am) (well that's what my period tracker says). I am supposedly fertile the 26th, supposedly ovulating the 1st of december and getting my period this coming Thursday the 20th. I don't know if that matters but just FYI and that is according to my period tracker. Anyways It's been 3 days since I've had unprotected sex. I am wondering if I should take the Plan B pill just in case anything? I was planning on buying it this morning when I wake up. I'm just so scared and nervous please help I need opinions. Anything would help thank you.