Okay guys look, I need help. I feel like an idiot but I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I'm 20. I don't need a baby, specially before marriage. So I messed up. It sucks. But it happened. So, on feb 29 I started my period.. And I had unprotected sex on March 21. So I mean I should start my period around March 29 rifht? Exactly a month after my last period. But knowing my body I'm not always exact, sometimes I'm a week late or couple days... So how do I know if that's just my body or if it's plan b? Because plan b can delay a week.. Right as it says?? So I'm pretty confused and I can't sleep normal because I'm constantly stressing about it which also stress delays a period. So it's a lose lose situation. So I decided to go to planned parent hood after a week when I'm suppose to start. Hopefully I won't need to and I'll start, but guys seriously guys it says that the pill is 89% If it's 72 hours within. But mine was 11hrs after.. I mean cmon I think I should be fine?:/
And 24 hrs after is 95% so I mean I don't know!
My symptons are REALLLY sore breaths. and the day I took the pill guys I was super duper weak and tired. I slept sooooo long! And that's a symptom too. Other than that I don't have stomach pains or vomiting I'm pretty ok.. You guys think I'll be fine??