Okay so I had unprotected sex Saturday August 27 at like 12 pm I took the plan b the next day around 6:40 pm how will I know that it is working if I'm on the birth control bar in the arm I have no clue when I'm suppose to start my period because of the birth control and as I was reading people were saying you know it would have worked when you get your next period. But I never know when I'm getting mine. And second question is I was fertile when I had unprotected sex on Saturday August 27 but not really fertile and I took the pill the next day I wasent suppose to start ovulation till today (august 30) did I take the plan be in time?? I've also already have has adominal pain and nausea. Someone please help me out on this I'm freaking out and have read so much information about this and I don't know what else to think someone please help