... since mine comes randomly(Estimating 2nd - 6 of Dec). I had intercourse 4 times for a few mins on the 16th, at some point he did use a condom for 2 times or not for the other two, he had to stop and urinate twice during. I felt my stomach bloated the day after and freaking out, I bought th plan b one-step pill 2 days later (~41 hrs) after sex. I had no side effect besides being tired for the next day. Still worried, I read online that women starts bleeding a few days later to a week, but it is the 27th and I have no signs of my period, but today I feel my stomach being bloated again (I also read online that the pill could cause a delayed but none of that information is helping me setthe down). Could I be pregnant if he didn't ejaculate inside of me? And after all that I went through?