well i had sex with my boyfriend 10 days ago, we were playing around and i know that it's really bad but well he put his penis beside of me a few times like in and out but i told him to stop and put a condom on and he agreed and apologized as well and well we finished with the condom on, he did not cum in me but we were still a little concerned because I'm 100 percent sure that pre-cum did get inside of me so i took plan b about 3 hours later and well now 10 days have passed, but 4 days ago so like 6 days after it happened i was about to shower and my brush fell so i picked it up and i noticed a clearish white drop came out of my nipple, I freaked out but read on the internet that i shouldn't constantly check because then more can come so i stopped but my nipples have been very sensitive, they hurt even when i touch them and press down a little bit and I'm concerned. I also have this clear vaginal discharge and sometimes there is small clear chunks that come with it. Does someone know if i could be pregnant. I am supposed to get my period in about 10 days. Should i just wait for my period and see if it comes? Someone please answer this i would really appreciate it. Thank you so much I'll be waiting for a response