Will Plan B work?
See, this month I’ve taken Plan B twice. Both times there was no ejaculation involved since he pulled out, but I still took it since I had medium chance of pregnancy according to my period tracker app. Anyway, I took the first Plan B in one occasion and the other one, was a week later. However, I started bleeding right after taking it, and bled for 10 days. (I don’t know if this is my period or bleeding cause by two Plan B doses, but if it was my period, it came like 20 days before it usually does).
According to my period tracker app, I am ovulating today. I input the 10 days of bleeding as my period, and that changed my usual cycle to this new one. I do not have the usual discharge I would have whilst on ovulation week.
So, my question is, if I am truly ovulating today... if I take Plan B, will avoid pregnancy?