I had surgery had one ovary removed had a prescription to take birth control to get hormones for 2 months after a month of not using birth control I had unprotected sex Saturday June 21st at 1 a.m I took Plan b on Sunday June 22nd at 4 p.m didnt have symptoms just a little nausea I was very gassy those days my stomach would growl alot so my period was supposed to be due on June 24th im not sure when its supposed to due but I had my period last month on the 24th so on June 28 I had unprotected sex again around 5 a.m I went to the restroom & peed after having sex but when I cleaned myself I saw a little bit of red on the toilet paper. I want to make sure he didnt cum in me even though he said he didnt because we didnt go all the way but can I still take plan b again ? will it work this time after 5 days of taking one ? I really want to make sure it will so I can take it today after having sex a few hours ago .