I had recently messed up my birth control pills, I ended one pack several days early before the white pills would have started, let my period come and didn't start my next pack for over a week. I took 4 pills of my new pack and forgot to take the 5th pill until the next day. The day I took my next pill my husband and I had sex, we still use condoms too for extra precaution, but this time the condom slipped off, but the opening of the condom was hanging out of me like it came off right when I got off of my husband, I didn't have to search inside of me, it was just hanging right there. I panicked and we decided to get Plan B. I took plan B maybe an hour and half after sex. Its the next day and I have no side effects, maybe just a little cramping and a backache but not sure if that's from messing up my pills, but that's it. Should I be fine? Should Plan B still be working if I'm not having any for sure side effects? Maybe I'm not sure how Plan B really works, but if my husbands semen still got inside me and can stay inside me for 7 days can I still get pregnant after the Plan B wears off? Since this was not long after my period stopped should I still be okay? I don't think I'd ovulate until a couple weeks later.