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I took plan b and want to know will it work if I'm 190lbs?

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LousArk 4 May 2016

You are over the BMI maximum of 26 for this Drug. The Manufacturer advises that it is less likely to work for someone who is. Women in this situation need to ask for a different pill, called EllaOne, which can be taken up to 120 hours/5 days after unprotected sex.
It's not to say Plan B definitely won't work for you, but the chances are less.

trustthetruth 4 May 2016

If you go to the website dealing with plan b it doesn't say anything about weight being a problem.

LousArk 4 May 2016

I assume that you're in the USA, then. If you go to 'motherjones dot com' (I can't insert the web address here) & put /environment/2013/11/plan-b-morning-after-pill-weight-limit-pounds on the end of it, you'll see the problem.
In the mean time Princeton University have issued the following statement:
'In clinical trials of women using EC pills (progestin-only, such as Plan B One-Step or Next Choice, or ulipristal acetate, such as ella) obese women (with a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or greater) became pregnant over 3 times more often than non-obese women. However, ulipristal acetate (ella) may be more effective for overweight or obese women than progestin-only EC (Plan B One-Step, Next Choice). EC appears to decline in efficacy as BMI increases; in fact, for women with a BMI of 26 or over who used progestin-only EC, pregnancy rates were no different than would be expected if they hadn't used EC at all.

trustthetruth 4 May 2016

I actually just called the number for plan b and a lady named Jackie told me there isn't a weight limit and it's for all ages and all weights! But thanks anyways .

LousArk 4 May 2016

I don't think you're quite getting it. It's already been admitted to the EU market, & they aren't admitting it yet to the USA market, because IT WOULD COST THEM TOO MUCH MONEY.
I'm the one who gets to deal with the women who it doesn't work for! But if you want to listen the the person who stands to make money out of it, rather than the University in USA that has studied it, or the people on this site who deal with the aftermath of the unwanted pregnancies, then let's just hope that you wouldn't have become pregnant in the first place. It's certainly not a chance I'd be taking.
Good luck x free discount card

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