On October 24th my boyfriend and i DID not have sexual intercourse at all, however he did ejaculate on my stomach and breasts and when we cleaned up, he felt nervous that he thought he saw some of his sperm down there, so we decided not to take the risk and bought Plan B and I took the pill about 4 hours later.

4 days later on October the 28th i experienced bleeding and i thought it was my period because of how heavy it was and the website described that i would be receiving "spotting" but it was more than spotting. The bleeding lasted about 4 days and was told that i should not count this as my period.

Fast forward to today and my period was due for November 10th, and two days later and I still have not received it. Is this bad? Did i do something wrong? We did abstain from having any sexual contact while i was on the pill. How late can i expect my period to be? Is it going to be late or should I be worried of pregnancy?

Please and thank you in advance so much for helping me and giving me advice.