I got my period around January 9th, last day I had was around January 13th, then it came back January 17th, that same day my boyfriend and I kind of had unprotected sex (he didn't go all the way in). The last day of the second time my period came was January 23rd, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on January 24th, I took Plan B on January 25th about 15 hours after having sex. Yesterday on January 29th I went to the restroom and bled a little when I wiped, it was a dark red, I went to the restroom again a few hours and bled again but only when I wipe when I pee it doesn't come out. Does this mean that I am pregnant and it might be implantation bleeding although I think it will be too soon for it to be implantation bleeding, or would this bleeding 4 days after taking plan b, be a side effect? can somebody please help me? Thank You