Period ended june 30 and had sex the next day (july 1) but the condom broke so i took plan b july 2 and on july 4 started "plan b period" for 6 days, had sex again on the last day of bleeding (july 9) but the condom broke again, my period app said i was fertile during the time we had sex (the second time) but because of the pill i wasn't sure if i was ovulating or not or really where i was in my scedule at all. I took plan b again that night (july 9) and have had no bleeding yet this morning (july 10) (first "plan b period" ended i assume). Will i have another "plan b period" due to the second pill? When should i get my next period? (He didnt finish either time but we were worried about precum and where i was in my cycle the second time) PLEASE HELP!!