I have read lots of post about how plan b can mess your cycle up for 2-3 months but I thought I would get your opinion.
I took the plan b on March 23 and got my period March 31-April 5th I then had brown discharge from the week of April 6th to the 25th. It is now May 19th and I have not had another period yet. I am just now starting the placebo pills for this Levora pack. The last two packs I did skip the placebo pills as pharmacist recommended. I have not really had any problems other than my boobs are a little tender/ lumpy and swollen. And last week my stomach seemed bloated. I have had some allergies as well runny nose and chest cold (coughing, heavy chest) but NO nausea, constipation, fatigue, headaches, nipple change. I have had a slight discharge but it's white and paste like I have gotten it before periods before so doesn't seem to alarming. Do you think I could be pregnant or having pms and my cycle is just messed up from birth control?