I had unprotected sex the first day I started my birth control again after going off birth control for a week. I took plan b the same day of the unprotected sex. About 10-12 hours later. I bled the same day I took it but not enough to wear a panty liner or anything. Just went to the bathroom and there was blood in my underwear but it wasn't a ton. I have continued to take my birth control correctly this month and now I am on my white pills(I am on tri sprintec). The first 2 days on the white pills I was fine. Now I have taken the 3rd white pill and I've been cramping all day which I know birth control is supposed to help cramps and it does help my cramps. These feel like my regular cramps with birth control. When I'm not taking it I basically have to crawl during the week of my period. I know that most people start on their 3rd white pill or after. There's a little blood when I go to the bathroom but not much. I just peed and there was a red blood clot. I usually start my period at the very end of the white pills but of course I'm so worried. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests that were negative. Is this my period that is slowly starting or should I be worried? Please help! Thanks!