Last month me and my bf were having sex and the condom broke but we werent sure if any got in side me because there was some on the bed and and back of my leg away from my area. the next day we got plan b and the only symptom i got from it was getting a little tired. (this all happened a couple days before I was due for my period.) A couple days later I got my period at the time I was suppose to. It was my regular flow and normal length on Sept 15th. no spotting , it wasnt short. we had had sex again like 3 weeks ago but there were no complications. the condom didnt break and he pulled out when he was about to cum in the condom.

Now its October and I have my normal period symptoms of breaking out, kinda moody & slightly crampy on my one side. I just havent gotten it yet.

I was wondering if this is just normal for plan B to throw off your cycle & next period? That was my first time taking it.