Hi, so about two weeks ago my boyfriend and I had sex and our condom broke. I'm on the pill and have taken it faithfully for years but I got a little scared and went for plan B about an hour after. After I took it I noticed I had a lot of clear discharge in my underwear (about an hour after) and I had horrible diherrea which I know is actually a side effect.

The day this happened I was expecting my period that day or the day after and as the lady told me at the health clinic the plan b would probably delay it, which it did. I ended up getting my period on the Sunday (about 4 days after) but it was kind of light and full of clots. I also only had it until Wednesday night which is unusual. On Friday night however I did have light spotting which had me a little concerned.

Basically it's been about 3 days and I'm honestly just curious if there's that slim possibility that I did get pregnant or if everything I just described is super normal and I'm just nervous.

I started my birth control again on the Sunday, like I would've normally and have been taking it at the same time again. But now I'm a little worried of course.