My boyfriend and I had sex on Thursday the 16th and we realized the condom broke. He didn't pull out (he learned his lesson), but when we looked down it was all over the seat. We don't know if it broke during intercourse or while he was trying to take it off. I took the Plan B pill less than 24 hours later and I weigh 140lbs. It is now the 23rd (exactly one week after) and I starting bleeding a little, but I had just finished my cycle when we had sex. I have read about early signs of pregnancy and spotting is one of them. I have also read that you can start the "pill period" not too long after taking it. I have spent the last week crying every day thinking of what to do if I am pregnant. These reviews have been helping calm me down, but I haven't been having most of the symptoms people are saying they had. I don't really know what I am asking for from the audience of this post, but it would sure help a lot if you guys can respond based on my story. Thank you..