Okay so, my LMP finished on 9/15/16, my bf ejaculated in me on 9/20/16. We agreed to take plan b on 9/21/16. The thing is, it melted under my tongue and the sensation made me gag so i spit it out. About a week later, i started spotting, started off brown, then it became pink, it was light then it became heavier with a lot of broken up tiny clots would be in the toilet and on my pantyliner. This lasted from 9/26/16 - 10/1/16. During my periods every month, my breasts would start hurting about a week before to during my period. My breasts didn't hurt during the "spotting". It hurts now, as i have 5 days left before my period is to start. Has this happen to anyone and became pregnant? No sarcasm, we are all adults.

Thanks in advance!