Me and my boyfriend had sex dec 14th around 9:30 am. We didn’t use a condom, during sex I felt like two pumps inside I’m not really sure of it was just me or if he actually came inside of me. He eventually pulled out fast and didn’t do it inside of me. I asked him if he had came in me and he said it was just him throbbing trying to stop it from coming out and right after that he pulled out. We both got scared and just decided to buy the pill. I took the pill like 30 min after the accident, after taking the pill I had cramping and a headache. The pill I took was the plan b one-step. My last period was dec 2nd but my period is very irregular. It’s dec 19 th and I’m still having some cramps. But before I had sex I was experiencing some cramping already. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? And is cramping okay 6 days after taking the pill?