Hi, first off I'm not on any birth control, and so a month ago at the very end of my period (Sept. 20) my husband and I had unprotected sex, (late night, heat of the moment) he didn't ejaculate inside of me but I was anxious and took the Plan B pill two days after(Sept. 22.) About 5 days later a got another period (Sept. 27) that was lighter than normal (ended around Oct. 3.) For my usual period, I should of started about 2 days ago, and I have gotten my normal period signs, moodiness, acne breakout, fatigue, but it's now (Oct. 15) and instead I'm having a white discharge and my stomach is making weird noises. I was just wondering if this is a sign of pregnancy or just my body is out of whack and ovulating now since the last period was around my usual ovulation time?