I used Plan B on June 18 , 20 hours after the unprotected sex . I got my period the right time I usually get my period so it's up to date . Thou I got very bad abdominal pain only on the first day of my period , I couldn't even get out of bed . Also my period was much shorter and lighter .Note that I hardly have that problem and that I have other questions too . If anyone have answers please do comment .
I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend he did not ejaculate in me at all he would just ejaculate after touching himself (not being in me at all) . After that he wiped himself and I gave oral to him . We had sex again but note he did not ejaculate in me at all like the first time , he will just get out of me than touch himself than ejaculate . My question is it possible he could of have semen alive and be left on him ? Even after the wiping and oral ? That's the main reason I took Plan B . I was just worried and that's the whole reason we had sex like that because we didn't have a condom which I'm never doing that again . It also was my first time , very irresponsible .
Also I didn't get no symptoms after taking Plan B only a couple days later I did get abdominal pain that felt like I was on my usual period note they weren't bad pains as my question above . I actually could get out of bed and they only lasted a couple of minutes . Is that normal ?