A month ago Jan. 21(during ovulation) i had unprotected sex, he didnt ejaculate inside of me i actually saw when he took his penis out and came. I was still really worried thinking i could be pregnant, i took the plan b pill wwithin 12 hrs after intercourse. I usually get my period at the beginning of each month and it lasts about 4-7 days. I didnt had no symptoms after taking the pill just a sore throat and slight pain on the lower right side of my abdomen. This month i got my period on the 7th (On time) but it only lasted 3 days and right after i had really dark brown discharge that lasted for 4 days. I just went thru ovulation again i think because its already the 22 nd (14 days after i got my period) I now have sore breasts and same lower right abdomen pain.(light pain tho). & in two weeks i should be expecting my period again, but im so scared i might be pregnant because even tho i got my period 2 weeks after having sex im scared it was the bleeding you get while pregnant. Has any one had the same experience?. Im always regular on my period.