When I got up to leave I found the top part of the condom on my seat. I freaked out and told him. We talked about it. He got me the plan b pill the next morning. I took it June 1st at around 10 o'clock am. I'm not sure if the condom broke during sex, afterwards or what not, but I am freaking out. It's been four days and I'm only 16, I'll be 17 on June 10th the day I'm supposed to get my period. The last time I got my period was may 10th, so it would be a great birthday gift to get my period because I can barely focus on to how I might be safe with no pregnancy or might be. I've cried about this for the last 3 days and am freaking out. When I took the pill I let it semi dissolve in my mouth and then swallowed it. My nurse said that i should be good, but I'm hoping for the best.. I'd like some reassurance that I'll be fine.