So me and my boyfriend had sex like around 11am but the condom broke in me. And the next morning at 9am I took not 1 but 2 plan b pills because I was so scared I was thinking that if I take a second pill it will work even better. Yeah the next week I started bleeding and all but on and off for a little bit over a week. I've had diarrhea, headaches, stomach pains, cramps, and nausea for almost 6 weeks now and still haven't gotten my period. I get cramps but idk what to think. I took 2 pregnancy tests already 15 days ago and both came out negative. Im not ready to have a baby right now I just turned 19 yesterday. Plus I have overprotective parents so I don't even want to Kno what they are gonna do or say. So please help. I want to know what's going on. I'm so scared.