... condom broke a few times, & we were pretty high so he doesn't remember if he came or not/when he did. I got super paranoid because I barely started on my birth control pills, so I called to set an appointment to get Plan B One Step. I took it about 20 hours after having sex. I heard you spot from things online, but I haven't. A few days after taking it, I only got cramps & vaginal discharge. It is about to be 2 weeks since I took it & that's all that has been happening. My breasts are sometimes tender and sometimes they're not, & it's not super tender. I don't know if I'm stressing my body out too much but I'm so scared that I'm that little percentage to get pregnant. I'm not ready to have a baby, & I don't want to have this guys baby since he completely cut me off after all of this.. I'm so scared. I'm stressing tf out of myself