I think I'm just freaking myself out but I'm only 16, so I CAN'T have a baby. According to my period tracker, I ovulated around the first of this month or the end of May. I was supposed to get my period the 13th of June. My cycle is pretty normal, only off by a few days sometimes. Me and my boyfriend had an accident while having protected sex on Tuesday, June 10th. The next day he brought me Plan B One Step. I took it around 24-36 hours after the accident. I don't remember having any symptoms, but I read up on Plan B One Step & it says if your period is more then a week late you might be pregnant. Well today is a week late, and I'm not having any symptoms. My skin has been oily but I think it's from the humid climate of summer here. I don't think I'm pregnant because my ovulation happened before we had sex, and even if it was late the Plan B should've taken care of it. What scares me is we continued having sex after I took the pill, of course protected. But I'm pretty positive my ovulation already happened, so it's not like I could have gotten pregnant after taking the plan b because of how it works. I'm just nervous & I'm not really having period symptoms except my face breaking out. Someone help me :(