On Oct 2 me and my girlfriend (we are both 18) were in my room having foreplay and oral sex. But later we decided to have intercourse ( unprotected ), After like 30 seconds of intercourse i thought it was a really bad idea and pull out. I didn't *** inside but i know that it is is possible that she could still get pregnant. after 30 mins we both got really worried and bought a plan b ( she took it 30 mins right after ). As of today she still haven't had her period and its been 2 weeks already, she was suppose to get it somewhere around October 8 - 12 but the date is October 15, she keeps on telling me that she has a stuffy noose and soar throat for the past few days. I'm extremely worried. What do i do if she doesn't have her period? Is there another method that could make her not pregnant anymore? Please help. I've made a terrible mistake and will never do it again! Message me asap