My fiancé and a are a little old fashion in the sense that we want to wait to have children until after we are married, well, last night we had sex and the condom broke and we were unaware. He came inside me, and we were both freaking out. I typically have to pee right after sex and 5 minutes after the incident, I peed. I noticed a little of his ejaculation had come out but I still rushed to Walmart and bought plan B. I took it an hour after we had sex. Now, my question is... my last period was Sept 17 (start date of the cycle is the first day of your period) and I usually get it the 17th of every month. I am currently around the time of ovulation and I am concerned it won't work for me like it has worked for others. Does anyone have any suggestions or answers that may help me. I am absolutely freaking out to the point I am having panic attacks. Please Ladies, help me!