Okay, so at around 10:30 PM last night my boyfriend and I were having sex and everything seemed to be going fine. We opened the pack of condoms and the first one had a hole in it, so then we opened the second one and made sure there were no holes, rips, or damages on or in it. And there was nothing so he put it on and we were doing out thing and then we were almost done and he told me that he was coming so I told him to cum in me iI don't know why I feel so stupid for telling him that now and he did and when he pulled out the condom broke. We didn't feel anything at all, we where so freaked out so we looked online and found Plan B One Step. Read all the reviews and don't really feel as scared as I did but I still am a bit freaked out. I am going to take the pill about about 8 AM today. I am praying that this pill will work because him and I both are too young to have a child. So yeah I am supposed to be starting my period next week and I am just very anxious and hopeful that this pill will save us both.