Had unprotected sex on Aug 31/sept 1 between 3-5am and took plan b one step 7-9 hours later. On sept 3rd one small single flake of red blood. On 4th clear discharge in am and what I thought to be the beginning of my period that evening, as it was bright red, and took up about 2.5 inches of toilet paper. The 5th I had really bad cramps on lower leftside of abdomen, took ibuprofen, and cramps went away... but no period... and only light brown discharge. I'm not nor have ever been on any birth control. Having cramps on and off all day today but still only light to dark brown discharge. Its not possible to get pregnant only 6 days max after sex... is it? That would mean fertilization, and implantation... not to mention travel time... could that even be possible?! As far as I knew egg had to form into a blastocyst before implantation, which takes a few days. So please help! Really freaked! Hoping to see my period this month for once in my life! :/